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We’ve taken the guesswork out of setting up your own personal PA system and put together a package with everything a band, presenter or house of worship may need for their next event with a much lower price tag than buying everything a la carte. Included in this live sound package is a Peavey PV 5300 powered mixer, a pair of Peavey PVI10 10″ PA speakers, two Audio-Technica M4000S handheld vocal microphones, and all of the accessories you’ll need to get set up. This is a great bundle for medium-sized events and venues.Peavey PV 5300 Powered MixerThe Peavey PV 5300 powered mixer features four simultaneous combination XLR and 1/4″ inputs using high-quality, low-noise Peavey Silencer mic preamps, and 200 watts of peak power for crystal-clear audio reproduction. The five-band master graphic EQ includes the Peavey FLS Feedback Locating System, which makes feedback elimination simple, intuitive and accurate. Built-in, footswitchable reverb complements this feature-packed powered mixer.Peavey PVI 10 LoudspeakerThe PVI10 speaker cabinet features a two-way design for rich, full-range sound. The 10″ premium woofer makes for punchy low-end, while a horn-loaded high-frequency driver disperses mids and highs evenly to your audience. 50W continuous, 100W program power handling. Carpet covering and reinforced corners provide plenty of durability. Each speaker includes a stand adapter.Audio-Technica M4000S Handheld Dynamic MicrophoneThe handheld Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic microphone combines professional features with a ridiculously affordable price tag. Audio-Technica tailors the M4000S mic’s frequency response for voice reproduction. Great feedback rejection and focused pickup are due to the A-T microphone’s unidirectional polar pattern. The M4000S Audio-Technica mic also is equipped with a handy On/Off switch for convenience.Audio-Technica professional microphone enhancemePeavey PV 5300 Powered MixerTwo Peavey PVI10 10″ LoudspeakersTwo Audio-Technica M4000S Handheld Dynamic MicrophonesTwo 20′ XLR Microphone CablesTwo Tripod Mic Stands with Fixed BoomTwo 16-Gauge Speaker Cables 25’Two All-Steel Tripod Speaker Stands