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Performance Plus Clamp on Microphone holder is ideal for adding a microphone to those hard to reach areas like cymbals and drums. Add a mic clip or gooseneck to add flexibility to your amplification needs. The MH4 mic attachment bar fits most standard microphone or cymbal stands and clamps to the side of most amplifiers. The large threaded adjustable knob allows easy secure clamping to most microphone stand. The microphone attachment bar features a nylon tip screw for a secure hold without damaging the finish. Fits industry standard microphone SHURE style or universal clamping mic clips and 6″, 13″ and 19″ goosenecks. The PERFORMANCE PLUS MH4 Clamp has a 6″ straight bar has a 5/8-27 threaded barrel with thumbscrew for attaching a Mic clip or gooseneck. The camp will attach to virtually any tubular stand including mic stands, light stands, speaker stands, drum stands, etc. Black heavy powder coated steel with brass male threaded insert.Microphone Clamp for Drums, Cymbals, Acoustic Guitar and Amplifiers
Secure C-Clamp Grips Mic Stands, Drum Rims, Cymbal Stands, Amplifier Edges
Attach your own mic holder or gooseneck for flexible positioning
Large Knob for easy attachment to any tubular or rectangular stand
Fits industry standard male 5/8 inch-27 threaded microphone holders and goosenecks