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Phitz is a Chicago-based company. We do all of our instrument case design work here. We manufacture our cases at our wholly-owned sewing factory in China. We control every aspect of design and every aspect of quality, and we think that matters a lot. We care about everything. We individually inspect each case many times during the manufacturing process. We use better materials, thicker foam and tougher thread. We call out better sewing details than you’ll find in other products. We use a big, beautiful, #8 self-healing nylon zipper from a great manufacturer and custom-mold our zipper pulls. We pull-test each batch to guarantee their strength. You’ll never know that our stronger thread and obsessive testing kept your case from coming apart three weeks after you bought it – when the competitor’s case that you’re considering considered would have failed for lack of similar attention. The details matter. The foam in these cases is .6″” thick – about as tall as a dime. It’s a comfortable amount for sliding in and out of your car, carrying around town, or wearing on your back on a bicycle. It’s also suitable to carry on to an airplane. There’s a hidden section of additional hard foam on the bottom of the case, as well. We designed this to be a good case and we hope that we’ve succeeded. (Lots of happy reviews from customers suggest that we have.) We guarantee our cases and happily accept returns and exchanges. A note about fit: we call this a “universal bass case” because it fits most all of the “beginner” bass guitars on the market. It may not fit radically long/short/shaped/hollow-bodied bass guitars. It won’t fit, for instance, the Dan electro “Longhorn”, Epiphone “Jack Casady,” Ibanez 7-string models, the Dean V “Metal man,” or models from Steinberger or Conklin. When in doubt, check the drawings that are in the images in this listing. From all of us here, thank you for considering a Phitz case. We hope that you’ll make your next case a Phitz.Almost-zero return rate – in the last twelve months, the return rate on this case was less than .2%! We’re happy that customers who purchased this case are so obviously satisfied with the product that they received.
This is a meaningful upgrade from a cheap gig bag. It’s more protective, with .6″ foam padding and water-resistant fabrics, plus an extra foam pad on the bottom. We use heavy-duty luggage-grade thread throughout, and stress points are double-stitched.
The case has all the pockets that you’ll likely need. The front pocket will hold sheet music, cables, folders and/or straps. The neck pocket has room for tuners, picks, and extra strings.
This case fits all common solid-body electric bass guitars. It does not fit hollow-body or oversized bass guitars. We have a more detailed list of fits and not-fits in our product description below.
Phitz is a Chicago-based business and we guarantee the quality of these cases. Buy confidently knowing that real people are available to answer your questions and resolve any problems.