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Learn to play any song in half the time with the all new PianoMaestro! The PianoMaestro is comprised of 1) a light strip that is placed on the black keys of your keyboard or acoustic piano and 2) a software program that reads standard piano MIDI files. The lights show you which notes to play. You can slow it down, practice your left and right hands separately, and repeat a sequence of notes until committed to muscle memory. It is like having a piano teacher at home 24/7 that will never lose patience and does not charge by the hour. Read more about PianoMaestro by visiting our website at Works with PCs and Macs (Mac software via download)As seen on TV, WIRED and Gizmag!
Learn to play any piano piece in 30 days, or your money back
Adds guide lights to ANY acoustic or digital piano – reads standard piano MIDI files
Works with PC and Mac (Mac via download)
Slow down playback, practice left and right hands separately, repeat a few notes at a time