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I’ve Tried ‘Em All, But These Are The Picks I Use With My Own Guitars.

Do you find that your picks, especially your favorite ones, get lost easily? Or maybe your picks break or crack? Or perhaps you’ve purchased picks before and you end up NOT getting an equal number of sizes/thicknesses?

The Pick Geek 81 guitar pick set consists of 81 medium thickness premium quality guitar picks, offered in two complimentary choice materials (Delrin/Tortex and Celluloid), with eight different colors, gifted in a stunning linen pick holder bag, making it an easy option for gifting. So put an end to losing your favorite picks, and don’t waste more time and money on substandard materials. Pick Geek only use premium quality Celluloid and Delrin, and every set is handpicked, ensuring the variety promised will be the variety you will receive.

Your Pick Geek 81 pick set includes one pick holder bag + 40 Celluloid picks in 4 stunning color designs and in medium thickness + 40 Delrin picks in 4 different color designs + 1 bonus steel pick.

Pick Geek offers a free-replacement, no hassles guarantee, and fast support. To get yours, simply click on the orange button at the top right of the page.

YOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES: 81 Medium Thickness Premium Quality Pick Geek Guitar Picks + Unique Pick Geek Holder Bag
8 stunning color designs and offered in 2 premium complimentary choice materials – Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex)
The Pick Geek 81 guitar pick set offers a strikingly unique gift for any guitar or bass player, ensuring complete satisfaction as a perfect gift choice for any day of the year
FREE Bonus Steel Guitar Pick included in every set
Backed with a free-replacement, no hassles guarantee, fast support, buy with complete confidence!

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets