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“Convert your acoustic drum kit into an electronic drum kit without drilling any new holes! Used by some of the biggest bands in the world: Def Leppard, Linking Park, God smack, JB and the Moonshine Band and more! The Pintech A2E kit is the all-in-one solution for converting your drum kit into an electronic kit. Pintech’s system is 100% reversible, offers real positional sensing, single or dual zone capabilities, and allows you to use mesh or acoustic heads. Pintech’s exclusive design features a carbon steel metal bridge system that is adjustable for any size drum ranging from 8” all the way up to 26”!Easy to install, and doesn’t require any special tools. Pintech’s solution is the most heavy-duty and universal conversion kit on the market. Featuring our specially engineered 3 piece dual density foam, you are guaranteed to have the best playing experience imaginable. Just adjust sensitivity through your drum module. Our triggers are so sensitive that you can use brushes for ultra quietness. USE THIS SYSTEM TO ALSO AMPLIFY YOUR ACOUSTIC KIT!WORKS GREAT AS AN INTERNAL CONTACT MIC!Trigger assembly with EZ-Connect Technology (Single or dual zone)
7 piece dual density foam system, 3-pc adjustable metal bridge system
1/4 Female Jack
Black Tape
Made in the USA!