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61 Key Electronic Music Keyboard with Microphone

Master the keyboard fundamentals with Plixio’s digital electronic keyboard.

-Includes a Microphone

-Includes a free sheet music stand

-Built in speaker system

-The perfect keyboard for an intermediate player.

-Light enough to be portable.

-USB port included in the back for uploading MP3 files to the piano.

Plixio’s 61 Key Keyboard with Microphone includes:

-60 Demo Songs

-40 Tones

-100 Rhythms

-8 Percussions

-61 Keyboard Percussions

-Includes Transpose

-Lesson Mode

-Record/Program Functionality

-Chord and other Sound Affects

-Volume/Tempo control

-Includes a Digital Display

-Includes a microphone

-Includes an outlet adapter DV 9V

Tones includes are:

Piano, Harp, Organ, Bell, Jazz Guitar, Violin, Strong1, Guitar, Trumpet, Tuba, Base, Saxophone, Flute, Banjo, Oboe, and Horn.

Lesson Mode:

Use the lessons to help understand rhythm and practice different chord combinations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll have endless amounts of fun with our keyboard or your money back! Comes with full 1 year warranty.

61 full-sized keys make for an ideal way to learn how to play the keyboard and piano.
Includes a USB Port in the back designed for MP3s and music files to be played through the 2 way speaker system.
Built in premium 2 way speaker system. Keyboard performance can be optimized by using 6 AA batteries while plugged in to the wall.
Includes 100 rhythms, 60 demo songs, 40 tones, 8 percussion, and other sound effects. Includes program and record functions and a lesson mode.
Includes microphone and FREE Music Note Board Stand. Comes with full 1 year warranty.