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61 Key Electronic Music Keyboard

Master the keyboard fundamentals with Plixio’s digital electronic keyboard.

Plixio’s 61 Key Keyboard includes:

-6 Demo Songs

-16 Tones

-10 Rhythms


-Lesson Mode

-Record/Program Functionality

-Chord and other Sound Affects

-Volume/Tempo control

-Includes a Digital Display

-Includes an outlet adapter DV 9V

Tones includes are:

Piano, Harp, Organ, Bell, Jazz Guitar, Violin, Strong1, Guitar, Trumpet, Tuba, Base, Saxophone, Flute, Banjo, Oboe, and Horn.

Lesson Mode:

Use the lessons to help understand rhythm and practice different chord combinations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll have endless amounts of fun with our introductory keyboard or your money back! Comes with full one year warranty.

61 keys make for an ideal way to learn how to play the keyboard and piano. Our model is small enough for traveling and can be easily stored
Our electronic keyboard includes programming and recording functionality and a lesson mode to help new players get started
Includes 10 rhythms, 16 tones and six demo songs which are all programmed onto the keyboard
Keyboard performance can be optimized by using the included power adapter or 6 AA batteries while plugged in to the wall
Includes an outlet adapter DV 9V. Comes with 1 year warranty

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets