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The pocket voice amplifier works with excellent performance. It is portable and very light weight, with fashionable design. Extremely suitable for teachers,tour guides, coaches, promotion use, etc. Come with an adjustable headset microphone which can free your hand. Come with two input ports, one for microphone and one for sound input, Can be used as a voice amplifier and MP3 speaker at the same time.

Maximum output power: 12W
Speaker Sensitivity: 53dBV/A +- 3dB
Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery capacity: 2000 MHA
Material: ABS plastic
Dimension:4.1*3.3*1.4 Inches

Package Included:
1 x voice amplifier;
1 x Headset microphone;
1 x Battery charger;
1 x Mp3(audio) cable(male to male);
1 x Adjustable waist belt;
1 x Carry bag.Very loud, clear and low feedback, extremely suitable for teachers,tour guides, coaches, promotion use, etc.
Portable waistband voice amplifier with super mini size (4.1*3.3*1.4 Inches).
Long durable time when fully charged (about 15 hours).
Can be used as an MP3 speaker for Iphone, Ipad, audio player, etc., connected by audio cable(male to male).
Firm for its ABS plastic material.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets