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Technological Specifications:
Audio Monitoring: Capacitor
Output Power: 5W (Speaker Output)
Frequency Range: 100Hz to 10KHz
Maximum SPL: >115dB 1KHz THD<1%
Battery Working Time: 5-8 Hours
Charging Supply: DC 5V
Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
Product Type: Full Metal K Song
Microphone Power Supply: Built-in lithium battery
Reverb Mode: Echo Sound Reverberation

A: Bluetooth Mode (sing with Bluetooth microphone)
1. Turn on the microphone, a blue light will light up and a sound will indicate that the Bluetooth function is ready for use.
2. Two ways to link the microphone: Search Bluetooth ID Q7 or ZY.Q7.M1.2.3 on mobile phone/tablet system setting simply using AUX 3.5mm recording cables to link a PC.
(Note: Connecting successfully there will be a sound alert.)
3. Open any karaoke in APP or select the music files with your device music player and sets device accordingly.
4. Adjust Q7’s volume, Echo, Bluetooth treble, and bass.
5. Sing along
(Note: If you want Bluetooth speaker, shut down Q7’s echo and volume. Bluetooth System has the memory function, when your mobile phone is reported, it can be connected automatically.)

B: Wired Mode (singing recording same time function)
1. Download any karaoke APP/software on your mobile phone
2. Turn on Q7
3. Connect Q7 and the mobile phone
4. Open karaoke APP to select songs and sing
5. Record the song as follows the instructions on the karaoke APP.
(Note: Bluetooth function must be disconnected.)

Package Includes:
1 x Microphone
1 x Audio/Recording cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Storage Box
1 x User Manual
1 x Service CardPortable Karaoke Microphones: Mini home KTV for music playing and singing at any time. Microphone head has three times noise reductions handle, more economical to stress you are beautiful voice advanced technology aluminum-magnesium alloy shell. Professional tuning system, three-layer high-density noise reduction, intelligent mixing chip, intelligent compatible design, Professional audio processor.
Significant KTV Echo Effect: the highest quality chipset with two channel stereo headphones, more stunning KTV live-sound, more clear music rhythm with echo reverberation.
Long Using Time: 2600mAh battery lifetime of 11-14 hours (in the customary charge for 3-4 hours after full power).
Multi-Function: This Bluetooth microphone speaker for KTV singing, gathering singing, family singing, travel singing, car stereo, instrument recording, interviews and live act. Also, it’s a unique gift for your friends or family.
Simple and Convenient Operation: Multi-function buttons can set the treble, bass, reverb, accompaniment, playback volume. Freedom to modify the previous and next song mode.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets