Do you want to improve your singing and are considering private singing lessons from a local vocal coach? If so then you should really consider the following pros & cons before making the decision of how you want to learn how to sing.

Private Singing Lessons Pro

(1) Instant feedback. It is a good thing to be able to get a response from someone else on your singing technique. This may allow you to improve your vocals faster in some cases as your teacher may catch something you are doing wrong and allow you to fix that problem. Although this “pro” is mitigated by some of the cons you will see below.

Private Singing Lessons Cons

(1) Expense. Private lessons are far more expensive than the top alternative (online singing lessons.) With private singing lessons you have to pay for each and every lesson separately. Obviously this expense can add up very quickly as it will likely take you many lessons to get to the point you want to get to with your voice.

(2) Possibility of your vocal coach simply not being very good. Unfortunatly many vocal coaches use outdated methods which are not very effective. On top of that many vocal coaches have a personality which may conflict with yours and that may slow down your progress as well.

(3) Singing in front of someone else when you may not be very confident in your voice yet. The sad fact is that some vocal coaches are very judgmental and may not give you the encouragement and support you need if you are a beginning vocalist. This can be very damaging to your progress. The last thing you need is doubt. It’s important to believe in yourself if you want to improve your singing.

Online Singing Lessons

Instead of private vocal training, I recommend trying online singing lessons. With this approach you can be sure that you are getting the “latest & the greatest” vocal methods that are sure to improve your singing quickly. Plus it’s far less expensive. You can get all of the lessons you need with a single payment and you can get those lessons instantly. There’s no reason to wait and because online singing lessons are guaranteed with a full money back refund period there’s really no risk in trying them.

Source by Johnny Moon