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GMI Pro’s DJ Power Amplifier is a versatile amplifier with an amazing set of features! Boasting 2100 watts of peak power, this power amplifier produces top quality sound that is suitable for all occasions!


• 2-Space Professional Power Amplifier
• 2100 Watts Peak Power
• 620 Watts in 2 ohms
• 470 Watts in 4 ohms
• 250 Watts in 8 ohms
• 19″ Rack mount @ Dual Cooling Speed Fans
• Illuminated Power Switch
• Dual Illuminated Channel selectors
• BNC Outlet on back 5 volts
• Bridge / Stereo selector
• Dual Blue 12 Clipping Indicator Lights per Channel
• Inputs: Balance XLR, ¼”, RCA Plug = BRIDGEABLE
• Outputs: Speakon, Banana Plug gold post terminals
• Parallel @ Stereo Selector, Ground Switch
• Voltage: 110-220 switchable
• Weight: 25 lbs

GMI Pro’s Professional DJ Power Amplifier features 2 channels that allow you to plug into two speakers, making it the perfect option for DJ’s & live bands! The dual cooling fans ensure that the amplifier doesn’t overheat and prevents distortion of sound. The clipping light indicator ensures that you always know when your sound is clipping so you can make the necessary adjustments to reduce distortion. Our amplifier also features a bridge/stereo selector for your listening enjoyment at home and to create seamless transitions between acts during live performances.

GMI Pro, GMI Sound, Audio Dynamics & Feel The Music Inc. are a family of companies who have come together to provide the highest quality pro audio gear and equipment for the lowest cost possible. In business for 41 years, we are perfectly in tune with our global customer base of musicians, DJ’s and industry professionals who turn to us for all their shopping needs. Come aboard, join our family, and feel the music!2100 WATTS PEAK POWER: GMI Pro’s Power Amplifier delivers state of the art, bass booming power for an impressive sound quality that is clear and amplified with minimal distortion.
TWO CHANNELS: This power amplifier will hook up to two speakers making it great for live bands & pro DJ’s who need an amplifier that does double duty in one convenient package.
CLIPPING INDICATOR LIGHTS: This amplifier features an illuminated display that shows you when your sound is clipping so you can adjust the EQ’s & prevent speaker distortion.
STEREO SELECTOR: This amp has a bridge/stereo selector, which makes it perfect for your listening enjoyment at home and is also great for intermissions during live performances.
DUAL COOLING SPEED FANS: The built in dual cooling speed fans keep the amplifier cool, ensuring that it never overheats on you for long lasting performance you can count on.