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Professional Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2 Handheld Microphones

Model No.: EU-850

UHF dual wireless microphone system. Fixed frequency model. Two channels.

Technical Specifications


Carrier wave freq. range—— 600-695MHz
Freq. oscillation mode——— crystal
Frequency response———– 50Hz – 18KHz
S/N ratio———————— >98dB
T.H.D.(1KHz)——————- 0.5% @1KHz
AF output impedance———- 2.2kΩ
Audio output level————- -12dB
Operation voltage————- 12-18V DC 600mA
Output connector————– ⊙6.3mm socket
Working distance————– 200 feet


Carrier wave freq. range——– 600-695MHz
Dynamic range——————- >110dB
Stability————————— ± 0.005%
Freq. deviation——————- ± 48KHz
Spurious emissions————– < -60dBc
Radio freq. output power——- 10mW
Power consumed—————- ≤100mA @3V
Battery————————— AA1.5Vx2
Element————————– Dynamic microphone

About LED on the microphone:
– When turn on the mic, LED momentarily flashes red once then stays off.
– The LED will blink if mic battery runs low.
– In MUTE function, the LED will be off.


– The product needs to be used with audio mixer (or sound effector) & amplifier & speakers.

– Please contact the seller first if you are not sure whether the wireless system can work with your equipment.

To buy a UHF model in kraft paper box, please refer to our model no. SG-922 on Amazon. UHF dual wireless microphone system, stable performance
Adopts surface-mount technology.
Plastic shell, light and easy to carry, elegant appearance
Adopts unique style shield, excellent anti-jamming ability
Fixed frequency model