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Whatever your music needs, Reason has a rack for that. Integrate your hardware MIDI gear with Reason’s rack. Record guitar, drums and vocals. Slice, quantize and tweak the timing of your recordings to perfection, and turn them into REX files for further creative possibilities. Reason has a rack for instruments. Mix your music while you’re making it. With the most frequently used parts of Reason’s million-dollar mixing console accessible directly from the rack, a new spectrum analyzer, visual EQ controls and new parallel and group mix channels, Reason has a rack for mixing. Users have always praised Reason for unlocking their creative flow. With new hard-hitting loops and drum kits added to its rich collection of sounds, and the new Audiomatic Retro Transformer effect that adds instant vintage flavor to your tracks, Reason has a rack to inspire.Integrate your hardware MIDI gear with Reason’s rack
slice and quantize audio and convert to REX files
New spectrum analyzer with visual EQ
parallel and group channels
Expanded sound bank with tons of new loops and kits
New effect: Audiomatic Retro Transformer