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We begin with a Chord Progression from the Wolf ( …also supplying Session MIDI Clock√ ). It’s running through my new Waldorf 2 Pole Filter & the TC Electronic June 60 Chorus, ultimately making use of the Mackie’s built in Reverb. Unfortunately, as is often the case… it was hard to stage the Gain correctly once I stared sending the Wolf through Pedals & changing the Levels, as I pieced the Tune together. It distorts a bit. But you don’t mind the fuzz… do ya? 😛

Next the DrumBrute I joins us, little by little… running Kick, Snare, Hats & the FM Drum out to individual Mixer Channels. The Snare is making use of the SpringKing… while the FM Drum bathes in onboard Mackie Verb… & the rest of the Percussive voices, on their own Bus
( …save for the Kick. ), are SkySurfing :]

The MS one is playing Bass, dry…

& though I forgot to introduce it till the B Section… there’s an echoey MS-20m Patch running through my Teisco Delay as well

…& that’s it!

I managed to keep it pretty short again!

Watch the video

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets