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The PCA1 mini stereo power amplifier from Pyle provides up to 15W of power on each channel at 4 ohms. Connect your inputs using the RCA jacks, and output an amplified audio signal over standard speaker push jacks. It’s compatible with any audio or computer device–you can even hook up an iPod using a 3.5mm to RCA jack converter. A master volume control on the front lets you adjust the gain. It runs on either 110V or 220V with a voltage selector switch.2X15W 10% RMS At 4-Ohm – Compatible With Any Audio/Computerize Devices
Power On Led Indicator – (MP3) Via 3.5mm To RCA Converter.
Master Volume Control – 110/220 Voltage Selector
RCA Cable L/R Input – Dimensions:5.61”(W) X 2.17”(H) X 4.21”(D)
Four Push Type Speaker L/R Terminals
Compatible with any audio/computer devices
Power-on LED indicator
110/220V voltage selector
Use MP3 sources via a 3.5mm to RCA converter
Four push-type speaker L/R terminals