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The Pyle PDWM4560 delivers clear, noise-free wireless transmission and excellent sound reproduction. Simple setup and installation allow you to transmit clear sound instantly. System features include (4) individual balanced XLR output jacks for additional connectivity. Enjoy quad channel voice distribution across the four body-pack transmitters — system also includes four headsets and four lavaliere mics. Whether used for work or play, for on-stage vocal performances or conference room speeches, this wireless microphone system will provide you with a quality audio experience. Enjoy hassle-free and reliable wireless sound transmission with today’s latest system technology with this all-in-one package.


– Make sure you can always see a receiver antenna from the transmitter position.
– Keep the distance from transmitter to receiver antenna as short as possible.
– Point receiver antennas away from each other at a 45 angle from vertical.
– Avoid placing the receiver antennas near metal surfaces and obstruction.
– Monitor battery fuel gauge and replace battery as soon as red light is on.
– If stacking or rack mounting receivers in a multiple-system use situation,do not allow antennas to touch or cross.
– Perform a walk-through before Performance or Presentation .If dead spots are found, adjust location of receiver .If dead sports remain ,mark spots and avoid.

UHF Band Receiver System – Quad Frequency Channel Design (Channel 1, 2, 3, 4)
Broad Frequency Response Range & Low Distortion – High Signal/Noise Ratio Performance
RF Signal & AF Signal LED Indicators – Radio Frequency and Audio Frequency – Rack Mount
Independent Channel Adjustable Volume Controls – Detachable Dual Antennas. Includes (4) Body-Pack Transmitters, (4) Headset & (4) Lavaliere Mics – Includes 8 x ‘AA’ Batteries
Trouble shooting steps available in 6th page of user manual available under technical specifications.