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Surprisingly powerful and built with USB and iPod support. Comes with headset lavalier microphone.

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You can play recordings and music right off your computer thanks to USB support

Play, select, pause, and seek through tracks off your USB stick. AUX input lets you connect an iPod or other audio device.

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Lightweight, Portable PA System with Included Headset Microphone

The PWMA60UB is a compact, lightweight portable PA system with USB support and included headset lavalier microphone. Looking at its small size you’d be surprised at how loud and clear it is, making it perfect for guiding people through noisy, busy environments, or ensuring you’re heard in large groups or crowds. Comes in black, white, or silver.

Play Music and Recordings with USB or iPod

You can play music and recordings over the speaker thanks to USB support: just load your files off your computer and onto a USB stick and press play. Selecting between multiple files is easy: the unit features forward and backward track selector buttons, in addition to a seek option so you can quickly find the part of the track you want to play.

The system also supports iPods and other external audio devices with the AUX audio input jack: all you need is a double-sided 3.5mm male stereo cable (not included).

Easy to Use and Carry

Carrying the system around with you is made easy when you wear it with the included adjustable belt strap. It also comes with a headset lavalier microphone so your hands won’t get tired holding a microphone all day. Best of all, the system is lightweight and compact, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Last Up To 12 Hours

You’ll even save money by not having to buy batteries over and over again since the system is powered by a rechargeable battery. Just plug the power adapter into the speaker unit and your system will be ready to use again for up to 12 hours.

Listen to Your Music or your recordings With the USB Input Small Super Powerful Voice Amplifier – AUX Input For MP3 Player Or iPod – Unit Includes Charger Belt Clip, Adjustable Waist Band Strap, Carry Bag
Used by Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations, US Army – Frequency Response: 100hz +/- 13db1khz +/- 1db – Rechargeable 7.4 Volt Lithium Battery
Built In Rechargeable Lithium Batteries That Last Up To 12 Hours Of Continuous Use Before Needing A Charge – Current Consumption: 150ma

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets