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The PWMA170 is a portable PA from Pyle Pro that includes two wireless microphones, one handheld and one Lavalier microphone, to broadcast your voice to a large audience. Thanks to its 6 inch speaker and 400 watts peak, the full-range loudspeaker has enormous power and incredible sonic performance in a relatively light package. Don’t want to go wireless? Plug in a wired mic, guitar, or other instrument using one of the two built-in 1/4 inch input jacks. You can also use the PWMA170 to play MP3s from a USB stick or SD card, or connect an external MP3 player like an iPod or iPhone via the 3.5mm aux-in jack. Add effects to your voice and tweak your sound with the echo, bass, and treble controls. Perfect for classrooms, tour guides, and business meetings. Runs on 110 V AC or 12 V for car use.6 inch Full Range Speaker, Internal Rechargeable Battery, Mic, MP3, Power, and Charging Indicator LEDs
400 Watts Peak Power 3.5mm Input Jack With Cable, DC 12V Input For Car Use
8 Ohm Impedance, 1 Mic Inputs and 1 Guitar Input 110V/220V Switchable
USB/SD/MMC Card Reader Function, Bass/Treble/Echo Control on Main Channel
LCD Card Reader Display For Number of song and amp, Play Time. Includes Two Wireless Microphones: VHF Handheld Mic and Lavalier/Headset Mic