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This is our Guitar Works, Inc. GWC-3/4 Size Nylon String Guitar. This guitar has been the choice of thousands of our customers seeking a well made, good sounding, easy playing affordable guitar. The nylon strings are super soft and easy to play so there are no soar fingers playing this guitar. It stays in tune. The sound is very warm, lively, responsive and fuller sounding than most 3/4 size guitars in this price range. THIS GUITAR IS A GREAT FIT FOR: Children roughly ages 8-11 years old. The girl in the photo was 9 years old at the time. So also include tall 8 year olds and smaller or petite 11 or 12 year olds for this guitar. MANY ADULTS SEEKING A SMALLER EASIER PLAYING GUITAR ALSO FIND THIS A GOOD FIT. The neck on this guitar is narrower than a full size classical guitar. It is the same width found on standard steel string guitars however the “scale” or neck length is shorter putting the frets closer together making it easier to reach for notes up and down the strings. IMPORTANT We have done a complete 20 point set-up and adjustment process to every guitar. This is an $90. professional service we do for free!! We have installed the best strings available D’addario Professional Grade Pro Arte Dynacore. Unlike most nylon strings THESE STRINGS DO NOT STRETCH. WITH THEIR NEW TECHNOLOGY THESE STRINGS STAY IN TUNE!! SEE A VIDEO ON THIS GUITAR ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL guitarworksinc 36 inches LONG X 9 1/2 inches WIDE X 13 1/4 inches WIDE X 3 1/2 inches DEEP. TOTAL WEIGHT WITH STRAP is 4 LBS NUT WIDTH is 1 and 3/4 inches DISTANCE FROM NUT TO SADDLE is 22 3/4 inches. TUNED TO REGULAR CONCERT PITCH SAME AS A FULL SIZE GUITAR. ALSO INCLUDED IS A HIGH QUALITY PADDED NYLON BAG CASE. ALSO INCLUDED IS A QUALITY U.S. MADE NYLON STRAP AND TWO STEEL CHROME PLATED STRAP BUTTONS INSTALLED.3/4 Size Great for both children from ages 8 and up and Adults seeking a smaller easier to play guitar
Completely set-up and adjusted in our shop with D’Addario Pro-Arte Titanium Strings a new string technology that does not stretch and will stay in tune
ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: This guitar has an adjustable reinforcement truss rod in the neck. This keeps the neck straight. Most guitars in this price range do not have a truss rod and the necks warp. Warped necks are not repairable.
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