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Harmonium, also called a peti or baja or baaja, is an indian musical instrument, somewhat akin to the early american pump organ. It is an important instrument in many genres of indian music, as well as frequently being found in indian homes.

Harmonium is in the family of free-reed aerophones and resemble small, tabletop size organs. Each harmonium has a bellow at the back that is pumped by one hand while the other hand plays the keyboard. Inside they contain multiple chambers. There are different banks of free reeds in each chamber. The size and shape of each reed in the bank determines its pitch. Engaging stops directs the airflow to various chambers. Each playing key and each drone controls the air through one or multiple reeds within a chamber. When engaged, drones provide a continual harmony note and are played in unison with the keyboard. There are two main types of harmonium: a foot-pumped version that resembles a small organ, and a hand-pumped portable version that folds up for easy transport. This is a hand-pumed version.

Harmoniums give an amazing amount of good sound and music, even for the beginner with little skill or experience. Their mellow, warm-sounding tone blends well with the human voice; thus they are especially well-suited for individual or group singing.Weight : 7 KG To 8 KG.
Size : 55 CM. x 30 CM. x 25 CM
Color : Black
Hand Made Harmonium
Best Tuning and Sound Performance