The success of a film does not just rely on the actors, director, and the script. The movie soundtrack is also another reason why a simple film can be turned into a blockbuster. There are so many reasons on how music impacts film. It is an essential factor not only in films but also in dramas and plays. In fact, most of the plays about Shakespeare’s compositions were more interesting because of the incorporated music. But these songs and lyrics are not just for romantic flicks alone. It can also do wonders even on action, horror, and animations as well.

In Bollywood, music an important factor in making their films. Their extreme song and dance numbers made their films popular. On the other hand, the world of Hollywood usually uses the latest hit songs as the musical element in their films. That is why even after the movie has been released after a couple of months it still gathers movie goers because of its musical score. There are even times that the fame gained by the movie soundtrack lasts longer compared to the movie itself. That is why they still release an album containing the original soundtrack of the movie. This is how music impacts film. They still gain profit even though the movie is no longer available in cinemas. Hence, if you are a great composer, then you would definitely earn thousands of dollars in Hollywood.

There are actually different kinds of music created for motion picture. One is the underscore or also known as the background music score. There is also the original recording and the music that is specifically composed only for a particular movie. All of these are used in movies and recordings. Afterward, it is subject to contracts as well as royalties that make it exclusive for the company.

Each of these types is used frequently in movies and requires different recordings, contracts and royalties.

The songs can also be a way to emphasize the emotions on a certain scene as well. Viewers start to become teary eyed because of the love songs used along with the heart-breaking acting of the cast. Comedies become funnier with wacky soundtracks and the like. As long as the music is inserted cleverly in the scenes, movies will be a lot more interesting when watched. Without these musical scores in the movies, it would be as dull as the budgeted soap operas. It can actually make or break a movie especially if they do not use the appropriate sounds for the film.

Source by Stuart Michael M