The affirmations for releasing thoughts and clearing and calming the mind on this video, are accompanied by a soothing relaxing musical soundscape.


You are not your thoughts anyway, so why worry about them. Listen to the relaxing affirmations on this video and learn your mind how to release and let go of thoughts. They are just clouds passing by. You can affirm this by repeatedly listening to the affirmations and teach your subconscious mind to remain calm and relaxed, regardless of what is happening.
Make it a daily routine and listen to the affirmations twice a day, to affirm that from now on, your mind is clear, calm and relaxed, no matter what.

“Release Thoughts Affirmations for Clearing and Calming the Mind”:

You are the witness
The quiet witness of everything passing by
You easily let go of all thoughts
You exist outside your thoughts
You are the blue sky behind everything
You experience the one experiencing
You raise yourself above all thoughts
Your thoughts melt away in your presence
You become aware of your thoughts
and let them pass
You experience everything pass
You allow everything to pass
You control your mind
You control your thoughts
Your are the mind observer
Allowing thoughts to pass
Allowing thoughts to melt away
Your existence exists behind everything
Defining yourself, not your thoughts
You are pure consciousness
Observing the observer
Witnessing the witness
You are transparent
Everything flows seamlessly through you
You have your own special place
Behind all thoughts and feelings,
You recognize a thought, before it becomes you
Being mindfree
From above
From without
From within
Watching mindstorms being silenced
Watching the mind-train
Passing by

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