When search for relief for tinnitus, you may have hit a brick wall. Many people are told there is nothing you can do, to learn to live with the noise. This attitude is completely wrong, in fact there are many successful cures, and there are also some simple tricks you can do now to help with tinnitus relief.

Below are two techniques that have been shown to either reduce the ear noise or stop it totally. These are only temporary techniques, but even a small respite from your tinnitus is great.

A word of caution though, to get lasting relief for tinnitus you need to remove both the symptoms and the cause. It doesn’t require much time or effort and the rewards are truly amazing. But you need to use a system that is proven to work, reliable and comprehensive.

But for now here are a couple of techniques that may help with your instant tinnitus relief. 

Relief for Tinnitus – Tip #1

This first technique relies on your brains ability to override the signals sent to your brain temporarily. By overriding these signals you can literally turn off the noise. It is the same principle as when you hurt yourself, you rub the area and the vibration signal overrides the pain signal.

You can dot he same when getting relief for tinnitus. All you do is wrap your palm of your hand over your ear so that your fingers extend around the back of your head. Then simply tap one of your fingers or the skull with an index finger to make a drumming sound.

You should be able to hear a dull sound in your ears as you tap the finger or your head. Relief for tinnitus can occur after about 50-60 beats. For some it can take the noise away totally, for others it may make little or no difference.

If that is the case try the second tip.

Relief for Tinnitus – Tip #2

This next tip is very simple and relates to changing the circulation around your head. If you drink a glass of very cold water, you can find that you get tinnitus relief. It is unknown exactly why this occurs but is thought to relate to changing the blood flow quickly.

One glass is enough to make a change and once again if you find it creates little or no change then the answer is simple.

Long Term Tinnitus Relief

These tips above may or may not give you relief for tinnitus, if they don’t then you need to address the actual causes. Short term relief for tinnitus is great, but long term tinnitus relief is even better.

To achieve this you need to use a system that covers all the causes and eliminates them. There is only one such program available that has proven to be both reliable and successful at giving long lasting relief for tinnitus.

The Tinnitus Miracle is the webs most successful tinnitus program and well worth a read if you suffer. So try the tips above and even if they do work now, you should still seek a lasting solution.

Source by Graeme Teague