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The Reloop Studio Keyfadr combines some of the most useful control functions for music production into a compact and versatile DAW controller for producers and performers using Ableton. Aside from its extremely compact dimensions, which make the controller fit comfortably into almost any laptop bag, the Keyfadr offers users a variety of intuitive possibilities; from being a control station for studio projects through to being a creative tool for a live gig.Compact USB Midi Keyboard with the most useful music production functions
25 mini keys with 9 playable octaves
8 channel faders with endless encoders, including 2 control knobs (send, return) and 3 backlit function buttons (mute, solo, rec)
Features DAW transport controls, on board arpeggiator with multiple modes and internal/external MIDI clock, chord mode, and scale mode
Full integration and easy plug-and-play for Ableton Live 9