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The Reloop RP-4000M turntable is a technically mature turntable for advanced DJs. This turntable is not only impressive due to its upper-torque motor, it also offers a myriad of features like a variable pitch range with quartz-lock, forward and reverse mode and three speed ranges. Its high-quality massive steel chassis with extra heavy construction reduces vibration. The Reloop RP-4000M comes with Audio Technical stylus and Reloop head shell. Reloop was founded by a young group of music technology experts who focus on developing new technologies and functionalities, as well as making these innovations available to the mainstream of the DJ scene.High torque DJ turntable in a sleek black metallic finish
3 speeds, fully manual
Quartz-controlled direct drive
Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm
Start/stop time less than 1 second