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The RockJam Electric Guitar Super Kit is the ideal musical package for children and adults who want to start learning to play right away. This standard size electric guitar can play a variety of distinct notes, making it great for musicians who want to try anything from light rock to heavy metal. With a five-way pickup selector switch, three single coil pickups, two tone controls and one volume control, you’ll find your perfect sound in no time. The 20 watt RMS amplifier will allow you to blast your music, while also preserving its fidelity. Use it at home to practice on your own, or take it on the road and play for others. The amp has many sound settings, including bass, middle, and treble, and connects to the guitar with an included cable (6.35mm plug). It also features a headphone jack (6.35mm), which is useful for late-night jam sessions. The small and convenient guitar tuner (battery included) is a great accessory. Simply clip it on to the electric guitar to determine if you are playing in the correct key. The spring clamp guitar capo can change the tone of the electric guitar. It is lightweight and portable, and can be used to play in different keys while in standard tuning. The guitar picks will ensure that you can play for hours without putting unnecessary strain on your fingers, and the extra guitar strings will make life easier in case one of the strings just happens to snap after an especially intense solo. Put your guitar and accessories in the handy travel bag, which keeps it all safe and clean. With everything the budding musician needs, the RockJam Electric Guitar Super Kit is a wonderful gift for guitar students of all ages.Full size black RockJam electric guitar with spare strings, guitar picks, and a strap
Sturdy and portable guitar stand
20 watt amplifier with overdrive boost function and headphone output with guitar connector cable
Digital clip-on guitar tuner with LCD screen; Guitar bag for travel use; guitar capo
Five-way pickup selector switch, three single coil pickups, two tone controls, and volume control