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The incredibly useful Roland HS-5 session mixer allows up to five musicians to rehearse with headphones and adjust their headphone mixes individually, so everybody can rehearse effectively. COSM amp modeling allows for direct connection of guitars and basses, while onboard digital effects ensure an inspired performance from everybody, even after 30 run throughs of the same song. You can even make stereo recordings and save them to a thumb drive, or connect the Roland HS-5 session mixer to your computer for multitrack recording!Allows up to five musicians to rehearse, jam, and record while monitoring with headphones with individual, hands-on control of their personal mix, plus access to reverb and COSM effects for guitar, bass, and vocals
Capture stereo recordings directly to a USB thumb drive, or connect the HS-5 to a computer via a USB cable and record each channel to individual tracks in a DAW
Each musician’s personalized settings can be saved via USB for instant recall, providing quick setup for future rehearsals and recording sessions
For larger groups, another HS-5 can be connected in tandem to accommodate up to eight musicians