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Analog and digital, crossover synthesizer condensed two different sound engine in a compact body. JD-Xi was equipped with the analog circuit and the INTEGRA-7 equivalent SuperNATURAL synth sound source, analog / digital crossover synthesizer. Further condensing a variety of functions such as pattern sequencer and vocoder into a compact body. Freely massive and analog-based and lead synth that can be controlled with knobs, pads, strings, the PCM synth sounds, such as brass packed. 37 mini-keyboard (velocity corresponding). Maximum polyphony number 129 sound (digital synth / drum kits: 128, analog synth: 1) digital synths maximum Polyphony 64 notes.Analog and digital, crossover synthesizer equipped with two sound engine. Heavy synth bass and synth lead sound by analog synth sound source.
Equivalent SuperNATURAL synth sounds and the JUPITER-80 and INTEGRA-7
Real-time / step / TR-REC, a variety of recording method corresponds to, pattern sequencer that allows you to create a feel free to phrase
Auto pitch, can play the electro-voice, such as vocoder (gooseneck microphone included). Effective four systems of effector (Effect 1, Effect 2, delay, reverb).
Convenient USB MIDI / AUDIO interface function for use in Mac / PC. From the download site Axial, to download and it can be added the tone and pattern.