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Whether you’re onstage or in the studio, you can tap into the creative and corrective power of drum triggers. Roland’s RT-10 drum triggers fit to virtually any acoustic drum (they work with mesh heads too!) and allow you to use your acoustic kit to conjure sounds from a drum module, virtual instrument, or as a way to have a safety net in the studio (not that drummers ever play out of time or miss a note!). The RT-10 triggers are smaller than previous versions, making them easier to position on drum kits, plus they implement a new sensor system and are made from a lighter material to improve trigger response. If you’re a drummer or an engineer, you owe it to yourself to have triggers ready for the drum kit!New sensor system and lighter material case to improve the trigger response
Can be used with mesh heads as well as regular acoustic drumheads
Works directly with Roland V-Drums TD series, TMC-6, SPD series, and HPD-series
Approximately 10% smaller than previous models