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The TD-30KV V-Pro Electronic Drum Set by Roland delivers top-quality sound along with the natural feel and response of acoustic drums. It features over 1,000 drum sounds and special effects and is powered by the TD-30 Drum Sound Module with Roland’s SuperNATURAL and Behavior Modeling technology. This technology makes for incredibly realistic drum sounds and highlights even the smallest of drumming nuances. Also included is a dedicated Ambience fader allowing you to add lush, room ambience effects and overhead-microphone simulation. The V-Pads for snare and tom feature Roland’s dual-triggering technology for accurate and even sensing between the head and rim. This helps deliver enhanced dynamics and rim-shot depth. Also, PD-128S-BC is snare-stand mountable, while the tom pads can be dual-mounted, both vertically and horizontally for setup versatility. The 14″ V-Kick delivers fast, natural kick-drum triggering and offers double pedal support. Additionally, the V-Hi-Hat and V-Cymbals provide optimized weight-balance and sensitivity for accurate triggering and natural swinging motion. The crash even includes choke control creating a most authentic drumming experience. Also included is the MDS-25 chrome-finished drum rack. It provides provides solid stability with an advanced weight-balanced design. It features redesigned cymbal and tom mounts, rubber protective cable shields and an internal, clear-cable management system to keep things hidden and out of the way. Kit Configuration Drum sound module: 1 x TD-30 V-Kick: 1 X KD-140-BC V-Pad (snare): 1 x PD-128S-BC V-Pad (tom1, tom2): 2 x PD-108-BC V-Pad (tom3, tom4): 2 x PD-128-BC V-Hi-Hat: 1 x VH-13-MG V-Cymbal Crash: 2 x CY-14C-MG V-Cymbal Ride: 1 x CY-15R-MG Drum Stand: 1 X MDS-25 Other: Extra trigger input jack: 4 (AUX1 – AUX4) **Snare drum stand, hi-hat stand and kick pedal not included and shown only for photography purposes.**Flagship V-Drums with advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds
Dedicated “Ambience” fader with new room-ambience and overhead-mic simulation
Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
Snare drum stand, hi-hat stand and kick pedal not included and shown only for photography purposes.
Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds