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1. The world’s first multifunctional, portable and professional drum
2. Fit for family entertainment, gathering and drum practice
3. Multi-sounds, simulated the really drum kits
4. The standard drum configuration and the extension interface for pedal could bring you real game experience about drum
5. Include accompaniment , demo songs, control the playing speed free, this is the best choice for drum learning
6. Include recording function , get all your inspiration in record easily
7. Include two high quality stereo speakers
8. Audio input ,chose any music you line to practice
9. Support to connect with your earphone, will not disturb others when you using.
10. Support to connect a external speaker , the sounds will be much shocking
11. USB MIDI jack, connect with computer to play MIDI software and all drum games.
(Only MD759 has this function, MIDI software: sonar, Cubase , Nuendo, Ezdrummer)

-7 drum surface: (include 1x crash cymbal; 1x ride cymbal; 1x snare; 3x tom)
-2 pedal (include 1*hi-hat; 1x bass drum)
-5 demo songs, 7 drum sounds, 9 accompaniments
-Volume control: levels 10, Sped control: levels 10
-Could record and play
-Audio input, match your cell phone, tablet, PC and other device which could support music.
-Build-in speaker, using as stereo
-Power: DC 5V/2000MA;
-Size: 442*325*62mm
-Weight: 680g

Package Included:
-Drum kit x1
-Foot Pedals x2
-Manual x1
-USB cable x1
-3.5 audio cable x1
Standard drum kit and 2 foot pedal make you feel absolutely the same as real drum. Seven Drum Surface: 1 x Crash cymbal, 1 x Ride cymbal , 1 x Ride, 1 x Snare, 3 x Tom; 2 x Foot Pedals (include 1 x Hi-hat, 1 x bass drum)
Professional demo inside, convenient to study. 3 demo songs, 3 drum sounds, 10 accompaniments inside. Include recording function; get all your inspiration in record easily.
Portable and professional drum. High quality drum sound inside, brings you nature and powerful sound effect
High quality built-in speakers with super bass effect, using as stero. Audio jack can connect earphone will not to disturb others; also can connect other better effect speaker.
USB MIDI Jack, you can connect with computer to play all drum game (MIDI software: Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo and Ezdrummer)