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29 DuPont hard nylon strings, color coded for easy replacement, red for C and blue for F. Ideal for the Minstrel HarpT and the 29 String Gothic Harp.Tuning and String Gauges 1:C7.025″Red 2:B6.025″Clear 3:A6.025″Clear 4:G6.025″Clear 5:F6.025″Blue 6:E6.025″Clear 7:D6.032″Clear 8:C6.032″Red 9:B5.032″Clear 10:A5.032″Clear 11:G5.036″Clear 12:F5.036″Blue 13:E5.036″Clear 14:D5.036″Clear 15:C5.036″Red 16:B4.040″Clear 17:A4.040″Clear 18:G4.040″Clear 19:F4.040″Blue 20:E4.040″Clear ul class”roosestri29 DuPont TynexTM hard nylon monofilament strings of different gauges.
Strings are color coded in red, blue and clear to make it easier to play.
This string set fits all our Minstrel HarpsTM.