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No misery, but no wide pride either!

Self made original new song … ⭐

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Thankyou @dilettantegogogo_ for letting me use her instagram art. Thankyou so much. Check her out on instagram, she’s amazing!!!!!!

L Y R I C S !

Running down the empty streets at night,
with porch lights on, faster than the shadows.
Yeah, I’m running down the streets on a Saturday.
When no one was around and no one could say..

Why you try, why you hide,
From the shining lights and mortals in view.

Why you cry, why you die,
From the pieces that they stab in you.

Well, I don’t have no plans to express myself,
But welcome to the roughhouse in me.
Since I don’t have no plans to express myself,
So welcome to the roughhouse in me.
where you can find no misery, no wide pride.
But welcome to the roughhouse in me.
Sure you can never find anything on your side,
Still welcome to the roughhouse in me..

Pictures in my pocket and without a note,
I stood close to the edge, got nothing to fetch.
I counted one, two, three, no time to be here.
Then leaped off the stand, further to my fear.

Watch me fly, I don’t cry.
All the pointless sadness misunderstood.

I’ll get high, I don’t die,
Be the magic that has never been good.

(CHORUS) (repeat)

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets