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WE PROMISE: After the sale of three months, the product has any quality problems,any one of the buttons does not work, you can contact us at any time, free replacement (Rule out human factors)

DH-K88 Introduction of Functions:

Product model:DH-K88
Keyboard:88 keys internationally standard keyboard, the fourth generation keyboard with super strong dynamics and comfortable hand feeling.
Display:3 bit LED digital display tube.
Operation:tone、rhythm、demo use the numeric buttons.【+】/【-】
Tone:129 kinds of tones,including 128 kinds of normal tones and one set of keyboard percussion tone.
Rhythm:100 rhythms.
Demo:80 demo songs
Chord method:multiplex the single finger and fingered chord.
Record:one-song live record.
Volume control:turn up/down the volume through adjusting volume knob.
Learning machine:repeat, read,contrast.
Interface:SD card,USB,external speaker, headphone,external power source, sustain pedal.
Sound recorder: when practicing and playing the piano, but the real-time recording and playback
Speaker: the stereo loudspeakers, sound better, higher volume
Microphone: built-in microphone, the microphone below the volume knob
Electronic piano: 88 keys electronic piano,you can play and exercise
MIDI output: by USB-MIDI lines connected to the computer, and output, editing, playing music
MP3 player: music in MP3 format or copy into the interface of the USB flash drive
The game: by USB-MIDI cord connect computer learning software, in the game to learn piano

Package included:
1 x DH-K88 88 Keys USB MIDI Flexible Roll-up Electronic Piano
1 x Charger Adapter
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x User Manual(include:88 Key Tone List)
Mainbody Size: 7.99 * 5.1 * 1.2in (L * W * D)
Keyboard Size:48* 6.3 * 0.3in (L * W * D)STANDARD PARAMETERS,COMPACT FASHION—88-key digital piano;This piano has 129 excellent tones and is equipped with 100 rhythms and 80 demos. Keyboard length is 50 inches, compared to the real piano 1: 1 ratio design.
IT IS CONVENIENT TO CARRY IT WITH YOU,ANYTIME,ANYWHERE TO PLAY THE PIANO—Small is not an Area,you can take which you whatever you go and practice any time;Built in 1100mA Lithium battery,rechargeable battery.
MULTIPLE INTERFACE FUNCTIONS,LET YOU FREE TO ENJOY IT—MIDI output(Can be connected with computer to edit the music you make. Also can be used as power bank in case of emergency).MP3 player;Multifunctional support Sustain and Recording;Rich interface;SD card,USB,external speaker, headphone,external power source, sustain pedal.
PROFESSIONAL DESIGN FOR CHILDREN AND BEGINNERS—Portable piano,The piano uses the newest 24 bit microprocessors, which endow it more powerful function and more mellow and standard tone in contrast with the traditional 8 bit microprocessors,black keys higher than the white,Upgarding keyboard thickening with perfect feeling;with the muti-functional LED digital display tube, features simple operation.
THE HIGHEST TECHNICAL QUALITY,UNLIKE THE CHEAP INFERIOR PRODUCT—High cost-effectiveness and easy portability.We use green harmless top food-gradesilicone keyboard,more healthy environment.This product has made the FCC product quality certification.