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Help your child make the most of those early piano lessons or get them hooked on music for life, with the Schoenhut 61 Key My First Piano Tutor with Bench. Practice, practice, practice will always be the key to learning an instrument. But that’s certainly not the only means of improving. This clever piano helps your child learn how to play more quickly and more completely with ingenious technological developments that go way beyond the old analogic dictum. The record-and-playback function allows your child to listen to their own progress and hear where they’re making mistakes. And this piano’s ability to connect to computer devices opens the door to hundreds of teaching apps and learning the instrument from new perspectives. It also allows your child to begin playing with composition and to make the most of the multiple sound functions, recording different parts onto a computer and overlaying the tracks to form whole symphonies. Velocity keys, sustain pedal, and microphone and headset ports will also cause your child to think about the dynamic nature of music in completely new ways. No batteries are required and a power adapter for wall plug-in is included.   Pre-loaded with 10 fun and recognizable songs: Oh! Susanna When the Saints Go Marching In O Christmas Tree Silent Night Jingle Bells Red River Valley My Bonnie Danny Boy Home on the Range If You’re Happy   About Schoenhut The Schoenhut story begins in the 1800s, when a young Albert Schoenhut began to build toy pianos in his Wurtenberg, Germany home. Born into a toy-making family, Schoenhut knew his way around a piano at a young age. By the time he was 23, he had already founded the Schoenhut Piano Company. The business started with just pianos, but grew to include a variety of instruments. When Schoenhut died in 1912, his company was the largest toy-maker in the United States.   Today, the company is owned by Len and Renee Trinca.Dimensions: 37.5L x 16W x 33.5H in.
Recommended for children ages 6 to 12
Quality construction with hardwood, hardboard, and plastic
Mimics a true piano and multiple other sound functions
USB port for connecting to PCs, iOSs, or other devices