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18″ Steel Replacement Subwoofer Driver – Model #: Seismic Audio – Quake 18,, Type: 18″ Woofer/Speaker, Power RMS:, 500 Watts, Power Peak:, 1000 Watts, Frequency Response:, 35-3K Hz, Sensitivity: 97 db., Magnet:, 2×90 oz., Voice Coil: 3″, Impedance: 8 Ohm, Pressed Steel Chassis, Paper cone, Weight: 23 lbs. each, This speaker is brand new., One year warranty , You will receive 1 speaker pictured and described above. Each woofer has the specs listed above., These produce an awesome tone, with great lows and clear, clean highs., Uses include, but are not limited to: Build your own speaker cabinet Replace old woofer . .Model #: Seismic Audio – Quake 18
Type: 18″ Woofer/Speaker. Power RMS: 500 Watts. Power Peak: 1000 Watts
Frequency Response: 35-3K Hz. Sensitivity: 97 db. Magnet: 2×90 oz. Voice Coil: 3″
Impedance: 8 Ohm. Pressed Steel Chassis. Paper cone
This speaker is brand new. One year warranty.