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Overview All Pro Audio and Sound technicians have been in the situation where unwanted noise has to be extinguished! The Seismic Audio Hum Noise Filter and Eliminator does just that! This Noise isolation device was designed to eliminate the line level applications that can sometimes be noisy or have interference. The SA-HumDropper also eliminates ground loops that can create these events, such as the connection from microphones to mixers or the connection from mixers to amplifiers! This handy device is a must have for Pro Audio and Sound techs as it eliminates and filters out hums, interference, and buzz to ensure a more pure and uniform sound every time! Features The SA-HumDropper was designed to make the Pro Audio and Sound techs job easier in the event of unwanted interference! It comes in a durable black housing that fits in perfectly with your PA set up! The noise filtering device works well in conjunction with powered PA systems as well as passive. The product itself is not reliant upon AC power! The housing contains a superior transformer and high quality XLR connectors, ensuring that it will always work when you call on it! The Seismic Audio Experience The Seismic Audio brand was designed with the notion that every musician should have access to high quality Pro Audio gear at an affordable price! With your purchase, you will receive one Hum Noise Filter and Eliminator pictured and described above. You will also receive top notch customer service, plus all the technical expertise you will ever need is just a phone call or email away! Join the Seismic Audio revolution and see what tens of thousands already know. Whether it is for the garage band, live sound, stage, or studio…Seismic Audio is bang for the buck, the best Pro Audio gear for all PA applications!MODEL SA-HumDropper
CONTENTS One Hum, Noise Filter and Eliminator
CONNECTORS High Quality XLR Male and Female
APPLICATION Eliminating Hum and Noise in Line Level Applications