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This is a very nice paper file display. The outside display cover is very strong and would not bend. The inside paper covers will protect all different types of papers and would be great for protecting pictures or those wonderful keepsakes that your children bring home from school on a daily basis.

The side edge of the display book is about an 1.2 inch in depth and would look great sitting on a bookshelf.

Warning: Pages/pockets cannot be added, but the number Could be sufficient for your purpose.

Protect your files from Complex environment, by easily adding them into this pocket file folder
Unique music themed protective binder the philharmonic’s favourite music element
Wonderful music folder well constructed keep all of the extra music section separated
40 pocket allow you holds a lot of music, the inner pockets are transparent, can very clearly see the inside of the file.
Dimension: 12″ x 9.5″ x 1″, 40 inner pockets, A4 sized and letter size.Suitable for daily work documents and classification.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets