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What’s special about the Shure SCM268 mic mixer? Transformers! The SCM268 is a transformer-balanced, four-channel mic mixer with six transformers that deliver protection from RF interference, prevent ground loops, and make the SCM268 super-quiet. With four XLR mic inputs and 5 unbalanced aux inputs, the SCM268 gives you an amazing amount of flexibility. Serving up top-quality sonics and flat frequency response, the SCM268 is perfect for broadcast, houses of worship, meeting rooms, and PA duties. Its half-rack size makes it easy to transport and also ideal for fixed installations. If you’re looking for a compact, affordable mic mixer, the Shure SCM268 is the ticket.Five unbalanced aux level inputs (Phono connectors)
LED peak output meter
One unbalanced aux level output (Phono connector)
IEC power cord connector
12V phantom power for condenser microphones