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The Silverstein Light Basic has been lab-tested against various strains of bacteria and infection-causing microbes that when left unattended can cause a variety of health problems. The Silverstein Light is 99.9% effective against several notable infections, including: Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia, MRSA.Load your mouthpiece in the ergonomically designed capsule and go, assured in the knowledge that the next time you play, you play pure. For your instrument, the combination of UV and Ozone will reach into all corners to sterilize and help reduce of bacteria and fungi.For brass and woodwindThe build-up of various microorganisms and fungi can be detrimental to your health and respiratory system. More so than any other type of artists, woodwind and brass musicians breathe life into their instruments. The Silverstein Light maintains this intimate connection with your music, for those who breathe music.Includes main device only.Includes main device only99.9% efficiency in killing germsReduce bad odorsHelp prevent the build-up of harmful fungiAnything that fits: disinfect any piece of equipment or accessory encased inside the Silverstein LightAdjustable timer for any size instrument or accessoryLong lasting, high capacity rechargeable batteryOne-of-a-kind patent filed device