Interesting facts about your voice – Here are some interesting facts about the voice that most people do not know.

If you take care of you voice (don’t smoke or drink often) and learn to sing properly, you can do it none stop as much as you want without getting hoarse.

A normal person without exceptional ability should be able to sing two and a half octaves without straining, breaking, or any other weird noise.

Less than 2% of the population is tone deaf. It usually happens from a high child hood fever. If you cringe when you here a karaoke singer miss notes, or can’t stand a bad violin player, then you are not tone deaf. You just need some work putting together your ear with you vocal chords. It’s a bit like rubbing your belly and tapping your head at the same time.

You have two sets of muscles that control the vocal chords, one in front and one in the back that act like zippers to open or close the chords to make a certain pitch. The farther outside of you optimum pitch you go, the more delicate the balancing act between the two. That is where practice comes in.

Last fact, and the most important. Even a terrible singer can learn to sing quite beautifully with a little effort and some perseverance. If you have always wanted to learn to sing, than now is your chance to start. do not wait another day for another excuse. Get started, and go for it.

Source by D. Wolf