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EXCELLENT FOR MUSICAL WASHBOARDS, VINTAGE CARS, CLOWNS & ENTERTAINERS. Small brass “taxi” horn features classic bugle shape with medium size bell. At least one customer used this small horn for sound effects in their production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” DON’T LET THE NAME “SMALL” FOOL YOU: Yes, this horn is small when you compare the size of the bell to our Large Bulb Horn. But this small horn is double the length of our bicycle-sized Mini Bulb Horn. So the “small” horn is relatively large by comparison – and quite impressive. REPRODUCTION ANTIQUE-STYLE BULB HORN: This instrument is handcrafted yet budget-priced. It resembles vintage bulb horns your great-grandad might have seen on early motorcars from 1900 to 1915. The horn measures 15-1/2″ (39.4 cm) in length and features a medium 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) diameter bell with removable brass reed and rubber squeeze bulb. DON’T BE FOOLED BY “OVAL” BULB HORNS: The Bell on this horn is perfectly round – just like those large and small “oval” horns you see advertised everywhere. (Yes, they say oval, but they’re absolutely round). So why pay more for nothing? True oval bulb horns go back to at least 1907. Alas, no reproduction oval bulb horns are currently made. But if you find one, please let us know! ATTRACTIVE BRASS FINISH: Made from real brass that achieves an attractive antique patina with age. Or keep finish shiny with any commercial brass polish. HOW TO GENERATE A LOUD HONK: Squeeze rubber bulb quickly and firmly. The horn should generate a loud blast. (If you squeeze rubber bulb gently, the horn will make no sound at all.) WHY CHOOSE THIS HORN: If you want a budget-priced, antique-style, light-weight, brass bulb horn that looks like a traditional bugle, then this horn is for you. Mounting hardware not provided.Bugle Shape: Traditional space saving design.
Pre-tested: Order worry-free…this horn honks! Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Low-cost Reproduction: Traditional design at a budget price.
Brass Finish: Keeps shiny w/polish, or develops attractive antique patina over time.
Classic Design: Like you might find at a fine antique shop.