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Drum Kit Pack I includes a bundle of the following add-on drum kit recordings for Kit Core, Kit Core Deluxe, Drum Core and Drum Core Deluxe. These vintage, jazzy, warm to bright, poppy, punchy drum kits are great for rock, pop, alt, country, funk, jazz and other styles. The Red Kit is a custom-built, red acrylic Pork Pie kit with a great selection of Zildjian cymbals. Great for rock, pop and more! NM Pacific Kit (Both Wet and Dry Versions) is a very cool Pacific kit which includes a 18 x 22 Kick, 5 x 14 Snare, 8 x 12 and 12 x 14 Toms, 18 Sabian AA Fast Crash, 19 Zildjian A Custom Crash, 20 Zildjian Pre Aged K Lite Ride cymbals and 14 Zildjian New Beat hi-hats. LoFi Love Kit features a thunky, thwacky, garage-retro tone. This kit is only available in this bundle, and is not available as a separate Kit Pack or as part of Kit Core, Kit Core Deluxe or Drum Core. GT Ldwg Sparkle (Five Variations) is a Ludwig Sparkle kit recorded, tuned and tweaked for rock styles, pop or modern country. 40’s Vintage Kit includes a lovingly multi-sampled Slingerland Radio King drum kit from the 1940’s. It’s from the Donn Bennett collection, and features calfskin heads and a full suite of vintage cymbals. The kit was sampled with stick, brushes and mallets and includes some example MIDI files designed to demo the drum kit sounds (not full Groove Sets). This is a perfect kit for jazz, folk, country, softer pop and anywhere you want an organic, warm drum tone. Drum sizes include: 14 x 24 Kick, 9 x 13 rack tom, 16 x 16 floor tom and 7 x 14 snare. Vintage cymbals (from the 40’s and 50’s) include an 18 Zildjian Ride, 14 Zildjian Crash, 13 Zildjian HiHat and 8 Zildjian Splash. This product requires Kit Core, Kit Core Deluxe, Drum Core and Drum Core Deluxe.Recorded at 24-bit 48kHz
Great for rock, pop, alt, country, funk, jazz and other styles
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