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The Sonor Safari is a very portable 4-piece drum set that brings out the best in your drumming. The compact size, combined with the uncompromising commitment by Sonor to sound quality makes Safari the perfect kit for practice, rehearsals, gigs and sessions. Play it live and pack it up with ease. The Sonor Safari drums are made from select basswood and this shell set (hardware and cymbals are not included) comes in a fantastic Red Galaxy Sparkle finish. The 16×16 bass drum comes with a Riser attachment for proper kick pedal positioning and the kit also includes a 12×14 floor tom with legs, an 8×10 tom with mount and a full-sized 5×14 snare drum. Get your SONOR Safari 4-pc Drum Set today!16 X 16 Inhces Bass Drum, 10 X 8 Inhces Tom Tom, 14 X 12 Inhces Floor Tom, 14 X 5 Inhces Snare Drum
A 45 Degree Bearing Edge which is an important component of the signature SONOR sound.
Tune Safe lugs from SONOR
Cross-laminated shells for superior stiffness, sonically pleasing resonance and spectacular tone.