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SKvocalbooth’s – Singing & Voice Over Dynamic Vocal Booth

-The Most Advanced Vocal Recording Booth for Singers and Voice Over artists-

The Soundkitz AE-F Legato is a new innovation in music production sound capturing technology. The Legato Vocal Booth offers singers and vocalists the ideal sound recording support that is needed for recording the full ranges of a vocal performance . Get the most out of your recording sessions when you sing into your microphone using the Legato’s advanced acoustic filter.

Record your voice properly without losing the clarity and energy of your performances!

The Legato’s sound filtration system is built to distribute your vocal sound projections across the body of its sound filtration system to capture the true sound of your voice. Inside the Legato is a series of acoustic baffles that act as channels to aid and distribute your vocal tones evenly throughout the filter providing you with improved vocal harmonics for music production.

Customize your vocal booth’s acoustics to accommodate your singing style!

The SK Legato lets you customize its acoustics to suit the sound properties of your voice. Freely adjust the ceiling panel to widen or tighten up the range of your voice for recording broader or softer vocals.


-Recommended for creating sound control in small to large sized environments

-Voiceover & Recording dynamic voice and vocal singing ranges


-Mounts directly to your Microphone Stand (Not Included)

Package Contents:

(1) SK Legato Vocal Booth (1) SK Acoustic Ceiling Panel (1) Product Microphone Mount (1) Product Manual (1) WarrantySKvocalbooth’s DYNAMIC VOCAL SYSTEM – Captures dynamic vocal ranges without reducing sound quality
TRUE SOUND FILTRATION SYSTEM – Assists to remove undesirable sound elements that contaminate audio recordings and broadcasts
ACOUSTIC CEILING PANEL – Adjustable and removable panel allows for additional sound control & support in multiple recording environments
HIGH DENSITY ACOUSTIC FOAM PANELING – Aids to dampen harsh and aggressive sound tones
ALUMINUM FRAME – Easy portability and installation – Product Measures 24″ x 24″ fully Installed