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Soundsoul Wireless Bluetooth Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers


The bluetooth wireless signal will affected by the surrounding envirnment. For any queries regarding the product or service, please contact us and we will try our best to solve your problem,thank you for your co-operation.


Before connecting, please be sure the device with Bluetooth is on.
1. Turn on the waterspeaker, you will hear”Waiting for pairing”, and you will notice that the Blue and Red LED are blinking.
2. Find the Bluetooth speakers in the Bluetooth Device menu you will see “8888”, click it and the speaker will say “paired”. Then you can enjoy the Bluetooth Speaker.

How to use the 4 Funciton Button Key?
1. “On/Off”& “Play/Pause”Button: Press 2-3s, turn on/off the speaker, and in paired mode; Play/Pause;How to use the 4 Funciton Button Key?

2. “Volume+/Next” Button: Press”V+” for volume up; Press about 2-3s(the led light off), next music;

3. “Volume-/Previous” Button: Press”V-” for volume down; Press about 2-3s(the led light off), previous music;

4. “Mode” Button: Press the “mode” button to go into paring. If you hold down it for 5 seconds, the LED light will either turn on or off.[Touch It , Feel It]: Our music speaker is made of higher quality and non-toxic material, it shows good taste and enjoyment of life. We process the details of it, measure and test the water volume in it to make sure the water will not leak out and te water can reach a best height when used.
[Sound Good]: Our amplifier speakers can bring clear and real sound no matter what you connect it with your phone or computer. One pair ensures the surround sound. It makes you reaxed when you go home.
[Fantasy Led Light Fountain]: The mixing of cool colorful led light and dancing fountain will show you the state of enjoyment and rest. You will feel surprised when you experient the sound, the light and the water.
[Easy to Use: 3.5 mm connection port and 4 buttons]: You can turn it on and pair it with your phone or computer in one minutes. You can feel it is quicker than other devices once you use it.
[Express your affection]: It is a good gift for your children or your friends. This fancy light and flow water can attract children and make them start to understand new things, so it is a nice toy to some degree.

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets