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Get down and dirty with the AfterShock Bass Distortion. The AfterShock packs three bass distortion circuits that span the gamut of low-end crunch, from smooth overdrive, to cutting mid-range distortion, to full-on fuzz attack. Tube drive belts out a subtle, but powerful vintage tube overdrive with a nice smooth breakup and plenty of punch. The Heavy distortion offers intense germanium fuzz tones with loads of bottom and mucho grit. The Fuzz setting slams your tone with zipper-like gated fuzz, perfect for those modern, borderline synth lines.The Aftershock s simple, yet powerful control panel brings the correct tools to the job, giving you the power to sculpt the perfect bass tone. The Clean knob lets you to mix in just enough clean signal to maintain a rock-solid low-end foundation without compromising the SONIC GROWL. Adjust the onboard Tone control and find that thunderous sweet spot for your bass/amp combination.If you really want to fine-tune your distortion, connect the AfterShock to the Neuro Effects Editor Software (for Mac or Windows) or the Neuro Mobile App (for Android or iOS) and access extended equalization capabilities. The Neuro software and mobile app also offer 12 different kinds of overdrive, fuzz, and distortion that can be easily uploaded to one of the pedal s three mode switch locations. Each of the AfterShock s killer drive circuits was meticulously crafted to perfectly complement the distinct sonic characteristics of bass guitar.The AfterShock Bass Distortion is also fully MIDI compatible when connected to the Source Audio Hub. Save up to 128 pedal presets, easily recalled via any brand of MIDI foot controller.Specifications:Diverse Sound Palette Choose from 3 onboard effects with the center mode switch.Simple and intuitive, yet powerful 4-knob control panelStereo Input and Output jacks.USB port Onboard USB port for simple computer connection and firmware updates.MIDI Capable Use the Soundblox HUB for MIDI access to control parameters and