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SSC volcano ft. Mysteries // Aim for

Naples. 2018

Directed by: Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen and Corinne Barlocco
Writer: Player two
Director of photography: Corinne Barlocco
Editor: Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen
Stylist: Serena Saracino
Mua: Federica Aprile
Stunt: Marco Sannino
Produced by: Vincenzo Rutigliano, Simone Morabito
Cast: Antonio Sroccuto, Alessia Fusaro, Adriana Petito
Special Thanks: Sandro Di Domenico, Daniele Schettino, Les Belle choses, Claudio Esposito, Raffaella Rutigliano

Artist: SSC Volcano
Composers: Simone Marabito, Vincenzo Rutigliano, Adriana Salomone
Musical arrangament: SSC Volcano
Produced, Mixed & Mastered:
Francesco Giuliano at Soundinside basament Studio Frattaminore (Na) Italy
Label/ Publishing: Suonivisioni

SSC Volcano:

AIM FOR – Lyrics

Have to draw a map of me, alright?
So that I understand the things out of my sight.
Maybe they were beside me then,
walked beside me and I didn’t mind.
There were all my clothes,
there were all my hopes
and friends.
Then I threw all my clothes
and left all my hopes and friends.

If I want to make it easy I’ve got to draw
make it easy I’ve got to draw my map
to clear it all and
make it easy I’ve got to draw
make it easy I’ve got to draw my map.

And maybe
Is love what we aim to?

One day i saw you down the street, I turned aside;
you did the same, we never met and everything’s alright.
Two sides of one surrender.
I just really wanna walk alone,
nothing has to be so right or wrong,
after the end.

And I keep asking why
it can’t be easy to let go?
can’t be easy to let go all away?
And fade and disappear.
And then: is it evil? I’ve got to know.
Is it evil if I left you all behind me?

Yes, nothing was alike the things I used to love, to me.
Nothing was like all the beautiful things
things that I always used to love, to me.

Aim for.
What do I aim for?

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets