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Executive Producer : 267 Records / Musikindo
Produced by : Steven NK
A&R : Ondit
Composed by : Rival Himran
Author by : Steven NK
Arrangement by : Steven & Coconuttreez
Tracking at : 267 Studio
Mixed by : Coki Latupono
Mastered by : Stephan Santoso
Video Clip by : Semesta Creative
Graphic Desainer : Ihzan
Promotion & Marketing : 081289076418 (Kuzdy)
Media Relation : 081585587875
Booking Agent : +6281211111267 (Ibnu Hibban)


I got no time to hurt my self again
I got no time to think about my pain
I dont want to bring back yesterday
The days that i throw my change away

Its the time for me to walk away
Its the time to get my second change
I’ll try no matter how hard it takes
I believe that i’ll get it someday

Fallin..you sometimes im fallin
But i’ll never stop tryin’
I will always keep fighting to wake up when im fallin

You know sometimes im fallin
But i’ll never stop trying
I will always keep climbing
To the top that you never think

I know someday i’ll find away
Even i’ts not that easy to my think
I know i can’t always get what i want….always get what i want

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rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets